About Us

Who's the main person behind Chlocra?

Craig Wood is the head of Chlocra and an accountant and private business owner/investor.

To keep his accounting firm business, Sculpt Accountants & Advisors, separate from other business activities, Craig established Chlocra with a view to buying/investing and helping businesses that had solid performance, looked towards the future and had small but good teams who wanted to help drive day-to-day operations.

What does Chlocra bring to the table?

Chlocra isn’t a huge multi-corporate.

Craig has dealt with privately-owned businesses in an advisory as well as operational capacity, for over 30 years.

We have an accumulation of strategic, operational and financial acumen.

But more importantly, we treat people with respect and this generally allows businesses to flourish.

This business has been my baby. You're not going to mess it up, are you?

When looking to buy a business or investing our resources, any Australian business sales or where the owner is looking for a partial exit, must pass specific parameters. Where those parameters have been met,  we generally don’t wish to change anything.

We like to maintain the essence of what the business is and look at how we can add to it by growing it at a sustainable rate.

That’s why we only look at businesses we can be a part of for the long-term.

What will happen to my team and legacy?

Whilst we’re usually only interested in businesses with small teams, we generally don’t want to change anything in this regards.

For the business to have reached a level that meets our core parameters, that means the team is an integral part of that.

So we don’t want to mess around with that and start talking about “synergies” and other buzzwords like that.

We want to keep the team … work with them … enjoy the culture we work in … and ultimately continue the business legacy you’ve built.

Not Sure if There's a Good Fit?

Contact us anyway and we’ll let you know.