We Help Private Business Owners Wanting to Sell, Exit or Grow
Through Business Acquisition or Investment

Looking to Grow, Sell or Exit Your Business?

We’re not private equity.

And we’re not venture capital.

We’re a small Australian company looking to buy a business for sale or invest in other small Australian businesses and:

Help Owners transition out of their business

Maintain team and culture

Grow the business for the long-term

 We concentrate on Australian business sales only when looking to buy a business for sale and focus on how we can work together with the current owner to ultimately achieve what he/she wants.

Why Sell Your Business to Chlocra?

Owner Transition

Want to sell your business completely?

Want to still maintain an interest and remain working in it?

We're flexible and can discuss a plan that allows you to either start stepping away from the business or retaining a part of what you've built.

Team & Culture

We don't look to make operational changes to what's already working.

We look to maintain the same small team and culture.

No slashing and burning.

Long-Term Perspective

We generally only look at businesses we can be involved with for the long-term.

This enables us to work with the existing team to grow the business at a sustainable rate.

We Buy or Invest In Businesses With the Following:

Healthy Margins

Solid & sustainable

Simple Business Model

Nothing too complex or difficult to explain

A Key Differentiator

It could be a brand, niche or customers

Been Around For A While

Been around longer than 10 years

Profitable Operations

Annual net profit $350k+

Small, Strong Team

The right team with good management and a positive attitude

Examples of Businesses We Look At

Private Businesses

Professional Services Businesses

Security Services Businesses

Media Businesses

Home Security Businesses

Finance Businesses

Industrial Businesses

Online Businesses

Self-Storage Businesses

Head of Chlocra


Craig Wood, private business owner and investor

Craig Wood

Not Sure if There's a Good Fit?

Contact us anyway and we’ll let you know.